Hello!My name is Galina.

Welcome to my web site!

I am glad that you are here and that we are going to become acquainted. Because this means that you are interested in art, and maybe even fond of it.

I am fond of art, too, and I have been painting since my early childhood. And now I am glad that I have this opportunity to communicate with so many people in different countries not even having to leave home.

But communications at exhibitions and museums - it's quite another matter, anyway. I think you will agree with me, because nothing can compare to live talk and discussion.

But here it is easier to get acquainted and may be become friends.

By watching my artworks in the 'Artworks' area, you can find out what I like to draw and what kind of impressions I would like to share with the other people.

About me:

In 1999 I have finished the Moscow Academic Art Liceum of the Russian Academy of Arts,

And in 2005 I have finished my studing at Moscow State Academic Art Institute by Surikov at the faculty of graphic arts in a workshop of book illustration.

My degree work – illustrations for a tale by  G. Kh. Andersen you can see on this site.

Since 1995 I participate at art exhibitions.

In 2006 I have entered the Moscow Union of Artists.

Now I draw and paint, make book illustrations and draw for children magazines.

If you would like to buy any of the presented artworks, just e-mail me and don't forget to mention ID number or title of the artwork you'd like to buy.

If you want to see me in exhibitions, in my everyday life, etc., navigate to my photo galleries.

I'll be glad if you e-mail me and we chat.


P.S. I would like to thank my mother Natalia Lopatcheva who always supports me in all things I do and my husband  Andrey Smirnov  who helps me to update this Web site.

I wish you a bon voyage over my galleries!

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